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  • Professional PSU. The brand new power supply APW12 is specifically designed for Antminer.And this power supply input voltage of 200-240V,output voltage of 14V-17V.It's 95% conversion efficiency, which can run more powerful equipments.And this power supply can provide advanced system stability while running,it's safer and save more electric bills.
  • Efficient&Energy Saving. This mining power supply solves the problems of overheating of working systems and expensive electric bills.It comes with increased power efficiency and cooling fans,the overheating state will be controled.
  • High Temperature Protection. All internal components are adopted with a standard of 105°C, so the APW12 has a much longer life time than the general PSU under the similar high temperatures.The perfect function for protecting equipments, when circut is malfunction or power supply has higher inside temperature, it will shut off automatically to protect equipments.
  • Wide Compatibility. This APW12 has 5 pairs of 6 pin PCI-E connectors,it is a special power supply for the new Antminer L7,which is also compatible with Antminer S19.
  • Note to obtain the rated power, the APW12 must be connected to a 200-240V power supply. Please check the power supply that is the standard in your region before ordering.Before turning on the device, one Must pay attention to the connection between the product's cable and the mining machine's connection port. If the link is not firm, it will cause a short circuit of the power supply and cause a risk of fire.

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