After-sales Policy

1. New Equipments

The new rig's after-sales service is based on the manufacturer's policy. The warranty date is effective from the date the rig leaves the factory. Miners within the warranty period can be repaired free of charge. If the rig is out of warranty, a maintenance fee will be charged by the manufacturer.

Our products' warranty is guaranteed by the manufacturer. If you need warranty service, we can provide the manufacturer's service spot for your convenience. We are not responsible for after-sales problems of new rigs, and placing an order on our website is deemed acceptance of this policy.

For checking the warranty period, please visit the website below:




Warranty period


Ant products

Warranty period

ANTMINER(S9 and series launched after S9,except 19 series)


ANTMINER(19 series)


Control Board


APW series PSU


Parts(Fan\Other components, etc.)

Warranty not available

EOS models, please refer to: End of Service (EOS) ANTMINER Models for details

No warranty due to halt sales



Whatsminer equipments have a 6-month warranty period, and the power supplies (PSU) have a 12-month warranty period.

For conditions that are not included in the warranty coverage of Whatsminer, please visit:


    2. Used & Refurbished Miners

    We provide after-sales service for used and refurbished rigs purchased on our website. The warranty covers 80% of the number of miners purchased. For example, if you bought 10 machines, there were 8 of them be warrantied. The after-sale service requests have to be submitted to us within 48 hours when you receive rigs, and the service will no longer be processed if your request exceeds 48 hours.

    We provide 80% coverage warranty services as following:

    • We provide a replacement for free for the damaged part which will be shipped from China/US based on stocking quantity. Please note that the buyer should pay for the shipping cost.
    • Buyers can carry out the maintenance at local service point. A reimbursement will be made for the actual repair costs. Please keep the receipt or invoice for evidence.
    • For the best repair expenses, we can help the buyers send the broken mining rigs to recommended maintenance spots via our warehouses. The miners should be sent to our warehouses first, and round trip shipping costs should be borne by the buyer.


    3. Accessories

     Regarding accessories, we provide a 12-month warranty upon the date of receipt. We will send a replacement free of charge. Buyer should provide the Order ID and other evidence (images or videos) when requesting for the replacement. Please note that the freight should be borne by buyers


    Refund for the hashrate difference

    In the following cases, we will not accept the refund requests:

    1. New rigs whose hashrate is ±3%. A 3% fluctuation of hashrate is normal for the new rigs.

    2. For used & refurbished rigs under 50T, a 2% fluctuation is normal. Above 50T, a 3% fluctuation is normal.


    Compensation for delayed delivery

    We will offer compensation if the machines were shipped out exceed the estimated delivery time. The compensation policy is only applied to new, used and refurbished equipments.

    Amount of compensation = Days of delayed delivery × Paid amount × 0.1%

    Please note that the compensation do not apply to any futures in all senses.