Whatsminer M21S 58TH/s | Unistar

Hashrate: 58T
Efficiency: 56W/T
Sale price$1,044.00 USD

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  • Whatsminer M21S line are good for their stability on its 12nm TSMC chips. Like its successor, it comes with an integrated design with a long power supply unit and smaller size. The hash board was designed identically like that of Whatsminer M21s to buy the dashboard separately to couple it with M21 components.
  • The Whatsminer M21 under the SHA-256 algorithm can produce up to 40 coins. With an average hash rate of 56Th/s, it uses 3360W of power.


Whatsminer M21S
Hashrate 58TH/s ±5%
Power Consumption 56W/Th , 60W/Th
Operating Temperature -5℃~40℃
Size 390mm x 150mm x 240mm

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